Education = Transformation – Sunil KHANDBAHALE

Education is Transformation - Sunil Khandbahale
Education is Transformation – Sunil Khandbahale

Shilpa: How are you imparting Education? Why?

Sunil: I believe “Education is the Answer to all the Odds”. May it be poverty, may it be corruption, population, unemployment, health and hygiene… you name it. Only education can solve all those challenges. Education is the best gift that one can give.

Let me share you my story, My parents were poor and academically illiterate. But they were very much determinant to educate their children. We are three siblings. My elder brother Vilas who studied Mechanical Engineering, then Law and now serving as a Judicial Magistrate. y younger brother, Dnyaneshwar studies MSc Botany, ranked NET-SET, PhD and now serving as a Professor of Botany. I studied Instrumentation Engineering, then Masters in Business Studies, graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and founded KHANDBAHALE.COM. We had quite hard time in our childhood like most of the children does have in the villages of India. In fact, we are the very first generation in our whole genealogy to get educated. It is the only ‘EDUCATION’ which has transformed our life into the prosperity. And I wanted same to happen to others, So, on 1st July 2011, our family started a school under a Tree and name it ‘Global Discovery School’.

Shilpa: How you got an idea of ‘The Education on Wheels’?

SunilUNESCO has estimated 263 million kids out of school worldwide. HRD ministry of Government of India has reported over a 8 million students of the nation are out of school for numerous reason, of which poverty, availability and accessibility are the major contributors for the challenge. With our physical setup of school, we were able to bring around 30 students to the school from nearby 4 villages. Next year that number increased to over 65 students. But this was not enough. We were wondering why not all children coming to school when there are over 40 to 50 children in each of those village. So we did a little survey. Findings were painful. So, we took a different a approach, “… if students can’t come to schools then; … let’s take schools to the students!” and that was the birth of “The Education on Wheels” … taking education facilities to student’s doorsteps!

Let’s understand, What is the challenge Statement here?

According to the recent census of India, 68.84% of Indians (around 833.1 million people) live in 640,867 different villages. If governments has to built physical school to each one of those villages, it is time, effort and money intensive.

Our Proposed Solution is to offer mobile pre-schools nationwide and solve the early age child education challenge.

And, How we are going to do this? We intend to make best use of technology for basic learning skills. We are planning to develop special educational Tablets with offline application. Our goal is to give benefits of the project to batch of 240 children of 6 villages every year i.e. on an average 40 students of each villages per day, which is about  the capacity of the vehicle in all rainy, winter and summer season as a school shelter. The mobile-bus is scheduled to travel to 6 different villages for the 6 week days (Mon-Sat) to the same village on same weekday.

Our Big Vision is to solve early age education challenge at national level by scaling up the tested and proven model throughout nation

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Credits : Shilpa Dhamne, Chinmay Dhamne, Pankaj Gahivad, & Studio: The Open Window.

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