Age 0-6 = Life Foundation – Sunil KHANDBAHALE

Age 0-6 is Life Foundation Sunil Khandbahale
Age 0-6 is Life Foundation Sunil Khandbahale

Shilpa: How do you see child psychology? What do you suggest to the parents?

Sunil95% of the growth of human brain gets completed by the age of 6. Rest 5% for the lifetime is only based on the top of what we learn until age 6. We have some serious challenge to fix here, a very good opportunity to work on. Majority of people around us you will find that their dream was different and they are working on something else. If you see their academics and their career, are hardly matching. Look at me. I wanted to become a painter and I ended up in IT. My elder brother was a mechanical engineer and he is now judicial magistrate. And there are so many like us. We need to do what we love and not love what we do. I think not understanding and recognising the interest of the child at early age is the source of challenge here.

So age 0 to 6 is really crucial time of our entire life building. Parents need to recognise it. How best we can understand the interest of the child at early age is the key. Child does not know. He or she can hardly tell us about it. Child is continuously curious about surrounding. So then our job as a parent or teacher is that, how best can we expose the child to more and more things. Keep watch on what the child likes and dislikes. What is that keeps him or her going, motivated, up, moving, engaging. And once we understand the child’s interest, our job is to only help him/her focused on it. It is so simple and meaningful. That will give the child, the purpose of life, very essence of the human existence.

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Credits : Shilpa Dhamne, Chinmay Dhamne, Pankaj Gahivad, & Studio: The Open Window.

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