World Music Day Greetings! SamaySangit.App

Dear Music Lover,

Wishing you a great and happy World Music Day, Monday, 21 June from SamaySangit.App

SamaySangit.App :- is a 24×7 digital music concert for music lovers, celebration of great culture through Indian Classical Music – tuned for the wellness of Mind, Body & Soul. SamaySangit.App plays music based on the time of the day (prahar) and different seasons of the year on your smartphone, tablet and computers. Anytime! Anywhere! FREE! 

Please read and share below editorial article about SamaySangit.App in Navakal on the occasion of World Music Day (नवाकाळ या वृत्तपत्रात समयसंगीत विषयी अग्रलेख “समयसंगीत एक समर्पक संगणकीय संशोधन” ). 
Thanking you,Team, SamaySangit.App

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